Drapes, Curtains & Valances Dry Cleaning Service


Household items like drapery, curtain, valance remain there for years at a time and are often the most neglected, absorbing household smells from cooking etc, until they are covered in dust and black mold, stains, dirt from handling and animals and so people think they need to replace them.

The good news is that we can give these things a new lease of life with our cleaning process.

We specialize in cleaning all types of household garments which includes drapes, curtains, area rugs, comforters, bed spreads, chair covers etc. Stain removal can be difficult. Many people encounter problems when they try to do the job themselves because washing machines are too small for such items and it may lead to damage to the fabrics.

Remember us if you need professional drape, curtain and valances cleaners in Highland, NY.

We perform in-house cleaning with dry cleaning machine. We do not offer field service outside the store.

Our Quality Dry Cleaning Services Include:

  • Quality Dry Cleaning
  • Expert Tailoring and Alterations
  • Leather, Suede, and Fur Cleaning
  • Ugg boots cleaning
  • Wedding Dress Preservation
  • Drapes, Curtains and Valances
  • Comforters, Blankets and Sleeping Bags
  • Downs
  • Tablecloths, Sofa, Chair and Duvet covers
  • Area Rugs and Carpets
  • Water Repellent
  • Fire Smoke & Water Damage Restoration
  • Free Regular Seasonal Garment Storage


Why should you choose us for all your dry cleaning needs?

  • Same day dry cleaning service
  • More than 25 years of experience
  • Highly experienced and skilled staff
  • Full range of dry cleaning service
  • We use water and solvent neutralizer
  • Use of good chemicals to eliminate smoke and mildew odor


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