Odor Free and Same Day Dry Cleaning, Expert Tailoring & Alterations and Shirt Laundry services

We are top-notch experienced garment specialists and professional dry cleaners who can meet all your dry cleaning needs. We provide top quality dry cleaning and shirt laundry services as well as household items cleaning. Besides cleaning, we also provide all kinds of expert tailoring and alteration services.


We do the following procedures to provide the top quality dry cleaning service:

  • We thoroughly inspect each garment for stain check ups on the spotting board and it’s pre-spotted accordingly using water, steam, air, vacuum and chemicals before dry cleaning.
  • While we inspect your garments, we decide how to handle them for the best cleaning result by the garment’s type, color, material and dye method used by the manufacturer. We inspect and test all the beaded and sequined garments at this point.
  • We never just put any garment directly in the dry cleaning machine without checking to see if there is any stain on the garment.
  • We change all the carbon filters regularly, recycle spin-disc filters everyday and purify dry cleaning solvent by distillation after each load to make sure that we remove all the dirts or particles and even invisible stains like perspiration from our dry cleaning system.

If it’s necessary, we always clean any garment more than once before we give it back to our customer.


Pressing is an art in our store!

Our professional pressers really press garments perfect. Not like most other cleaners, our pressers press not only sleeves but also shoulder lines and even under arm areas for all the tops including jackets, dresses, blouses, etc, and they never make double creases on pants but they even press crotch areas thoroughly using hand iron and steam puffs.


We provide a full range of cleaning and tailoring service which includes:

  • Quality Dry Cleaning
  • Expert Tailoring and Alterations
  • Leather, Suede, and Fur Cleaning
  • Ugg boots cleaning
  • Wedding Dress Preservation
  • Drapes, Curtains and Valances
  • Comforters, Blankets and Sleeping Bags
  • Fire Smoke & Water Damage Restoration
  • Free Regular Seasonal Garment Storage
  • Downs
  • Tablecloths
  • Sofa, Chair and Duvet covers
  • Area Rugs and Carpets
  • Fur storage
  • Water Repellent


How is our dry cleaning service different from others?

  • We maintain two sets of spin disc filtration system with two sets of all carbon filters.
  • We use coconut oil based 100% natural detergent.
  • We routinely maintain solvent neutralizer in the cleaning system which is designed to combat the odor and poor cleaning results.
  • We daily use water neutralizer which contains a patented odor reducing agent in the water separator and eliminates acidity in solvent.

Rely on us for Odor Free Dry Cleaning Service in Highland Ulster County NY  and surrounding areas.


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